Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Here comes the...


Nearly 10 years from the time that Breakup Babe was born on a sad, sweaty summer day, she (I) got engaged.

Yes, moi. Engaged to be married!

I am finally wearing that diamond ring that Breakup Babe so longed for in her sexy little struggle, or at least claimed she did. Personally I think she really enjoyed her sl*tty phase, knowing (if not truly believing) that she might one day settle down.

I'm a little terrified, to tell you the truth. I know it won't be that different from the Domestic Bliss (TM) that Dave and I live in currently with Snuffy the spirited senior pug in our 650-square foot condo with only one bathroom. The Domestic Bliss (TM) that we have been enjoying for oh, almost four years now.

We pretty much are married except that I don't yet enjoy the benefits of Dave's killer health insurance and haven't yet received loads of fancy cookware or gone out on the town wearing a veil and waving a dildo. (Wait, is that what people do at bachelorette parties? I've never actually been to one.)

Still I'm too terrified to talk about actual marriage. So let's talk about WEDDINGS! Now that's a subject I can get behind!

Wedding Fever!
Our purported plan is to get married while the weather is still nice enough to tie the knot OUTDOORS and while mom is still healthy enough to enjoy it.

And an outdoor wedding in this part of the world limits you to the second half of July, August, and September.


So far, here's what I've done in preparation:
I loved Cama Beach and Camano Island State Parks (both on Camano Island). Cama Beach has quaint, historic waterfront cabins on the beach and a gorgeous new hall with fantastic views that's perfect for a reception. And adjacent Camano Island State Park has some idyllic spots overlooking the water for a ceremony.

However I'm not sure Camano Island is gonna work out for boring reasons mainly having to do with stuff already being booked except for Sunday nights and how I don't want to have a wedding on Sunday, blah blah.

All right I'm talked out. I'm sure you'll hear more about this in the days to come.

You might also witness some brainstorming about how I can write a sequel to BreakupBabe that features her older, wiser, engaged self yet where she is still neurotic and impulsive enough to create *conflict* and *crazy adventures*!