I’ve published articles in a variety of newspapers, magazines, and books, including the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Seattle Metropolitan Magazine, Lonely Planet Seattle, and Alaska Airlines Magazine. Lately I write a lot for Outdoors NW Magazine. You can read some of my clips here.

Am I too old for him?
The Globe and Mail, November 2017

Where to get your Nordic on!
Outdoors NW Magazine, December 2015

Backcountry 101: Five tips for staying safe
Outdoors NW Magazine, December 2015

Don't love snow? Discover these five winter pursuits
Outdoors NW Magazine, December 2015

Steamboat Rock State Park: Hiking and Kayaking a Geological Wonder
Outdoors NW Magazine, July 2015

Experience Boatloads of Fun on Idaho Rivers
Outdoors NW Magazine, May 2015

Bike Advocacy in Washington and Oregon
Outdoors NW Magazine, March 2015

Top 12 Bike Trails in Snohomish and King County
Outdoors NW Magazine, September 2014

Hut-to-Hut Biking in Mt. Hood National Forest
Outdoors NW Magazine, April 2014

Weekender: Long Beach, Washington
Outdoors NW Magazine, September 2013

Escapes: Go climb a tree in Central Oregon
Outdoors NW Magazine, July 2013

Duke Moscrip's Famous Chowder House
Harbors Magazine, Summer 2013

Backpacking 101
Outdoors NW Magazine, July 2013

Weekender: Plain, Washington
Outdoors NW Magazine, May 2013

Sisters' Peterson Ridge Trails: From cowboy town to bicycling mecca
Outdoors NW Magazine, NW Cyclist Edition, April 2013

Willows Lodge
Harbors Magazine, January 2013

Weekender: Scottish Lakes High Camp
Outdoors Northwest Magazine, December 2012

Colubmia River Gorge: Missoula Floods left us an epic playground
Outdoors Northwest Magazine, July 2012

iFLY Seattle Indoor Skydiving
Harbors Magazine, Summer 2012

South Lake Union on Two Wheels
Harbors Magazine, Summer 2012

Tri-Cities offers dry escape for west-siders
OutdoorsNW Magazine, June 2012

Escapes: Tokeland, Washington
OutdoorsNW Magazine, May 2012

Oregon's Designated Scenic Bikeways
OutdoorsNW Magazine, April 2012

Chelan's Echo Ridge--a quiet Nordic delight
OutdoorsNW Magazine, March 2012

Paradise Found: A winter trip to the National Park Inn
OutdoorsNW Magazine, March 2012

Hog Loppin'
OutdoorsNW Magazine, Feb 2012

CrossFit Gyms: Offering that 'holy grail' of a fast, efficient workout.
OutdoorsNW Magazine, Jan/Feb 2012

Five lakes, four blisters, three hikers, two days, one bug bite, and lots of great memories
OutdoorsNW Magazine, Summer 2011

Rendezvous Lodge
Harbors Magazine, Summer 2011

Once More to Wire Lake
Literary Mama, Father's Day Issue, 2011

Breaking Up, Blogging On (.mht file/download required)
Modern Love Rejects, May 2011

Kayaking the Southern Gulf Islands: a dream destination for novice and experienced paddlers
Harbors Magazine, Spring 2011

Spring Flyways: Jupiter Ranch, Gabriola Island
Harbors Magazine, Spring 2011

Vancouver goes for the green and more
MSNBC, February 2010

Pristine Paddle: venturing into the rugged wilderness of Glacier Bay 
Alaska Airlines Magazine, February 2009 (PDF)

The Key Peninsula: Where less is more (.mht / download required)
Seattle Post Intelligencer, June 2008

A sunny winter day on Mount Rainier is Paradise on ice (.mht / download required)
Seattle Post Intelligencer, March 2008

Rocking out: Families find jewels and geology in the Northwest dirt
Seattle Metropolitan Magazine, January 2008 (PDF)

Skiing the Backcountry
Seattle Metropolitan Magazine, December 2007 (PDF)

On the right track
Seattle Metropolitan Magazine, August 2007 (PDF)

The wild and rugged Adventure Route is a perfect initiation to the Olympic Peninsula (.mht / download required)
Seattle Post-Intelligencer, June 2007

Extreme Roadtrip: Patagonia
Seattlest, May 2006

Mt. Rainier Journal
Lonely Planet Seattle, 2004 (PDF)

Hoofing vs. hiking: Backpacker gains new perspective in the saddle (.mht/download required)
Seattle Post-Intelligencer, September 1999

Iron Goat Trail traces the history and route of the Great Northern Railway (.mht/download required)
Seattle Post-Intelligencer, August 1999

Outside shots: Taking good nature photographs requires basic skills, savvy eye and the right gear (.mht/download required)
Seattle Post-Intelligencer, May 1999

Six places for people in love — and in love with the outdoors (.mht/download required)
Seattle Post-Intelligencer, February 1999

Orienteering is a sport of skill that teaches players how to read nature’s clues (.mht/download required)
Seattle Post-Intelligencer, December 1998

Growing number of dedicated parks help skateboarders shed their negative image (.mht / download required)
Seattle Post-Intelligencer, November 1998

Strathcona Park: Vancouver Island’s well-kept secret is brimming with treasures (.mht /download required)
Seattle Post-Intelligencer, September 1998

High spirited: Rock climbers find great rewards in extreme challenges (.mht / download required)
Seattle Post-Intelligencer, July 1998

Market Trends 
Horizon Air Magazine (cover story), 1995 (PDF)

Word Finder: Searching for new terms, a new language
(Profile of writer Charles Johnson)
Alaska Airlines Magazine, 1994 (PDF)