Interviews, Reviews, and Profiles
Writer Spotlight: Outdoors NW Magazine 
Outdoors NW Magazine did a short, fun profile of yours truly since I'm a frequent contributor to the magazine. (March 2014)

"Classy Talk" with Rebecca Agiewich 
Hugo House interviews me about the class I teach every year: Roughing It: Write a Draft of Your Books in Just Six Weeks (March 2014)

Two Pens: Writing from both sides of the brain
Thanks to social media whizzes Cynthia Hartwig and Emily Warn for featuring me on their Two Pens website. (March 2012)

Richard Hugo House
For National Poetry Month, I recited "Lament" by Edna St. Vincent Millay. Richard Hugo House posted a poem a day for the month of April on YouTube featuring local writers. (April 2011)

Victory Music
My former coworker at Empire Corp., Hank Davis wrote this interesting piece about music having to do with the rain. How did I end up in it? Read on to find out. (It's a long article, but BreakupBabe is mentioned near the end). (May 2010)

Cheap Wine and Poetry reading-YouTube
Check out the video highlights of my reading at Cheap Wine and Poetry at Hugo House in 2009 with a group of talented local writers. My introduction starts at 3:32, my reading starts at 3:56. (March 2009)

Seattle Weekly
The Seattle Weekly interviewed me for an article about bloggers-turned-book-writers. (April ‘07)

King County Journal, Women’s Journal
“BreakupBabe Rebecca Agiewich strikes gold with dating book” - PDF (November ‘06)

Conversations with Famous Writers
Of course I won’t turn down an interview with anyone who calls me “famous.” (Aug ‘06)

Palo Alto Weekly
The Palo Alto Weekly did a profile of me and wrote about my Mountain view reading. (July 06)

Seattle Post-Intelligencer
The Seattle PI did a nice, long interview with me. (July 06)

The Seattle Weekly gave me a pretty darn good review, even if they do call Rachel neurotic and needy! (July 06)

Romantic Times gave BreakupBabe four out of five stars. (May 06).

Palo Alto Weekly
Check out this blurb in Rebecca’s hometown weekly paper! Thanks to her tireless publicist, aka her mom, for getting this item published. (Winter 05)

Seattle Writergrrls Webzine
Local Scene Profile: Rebecca Agiewich - PDF (Winter 05)

What Readers Have Said about BreakupBabe...
I haven’t even finished yet…but still wanted to thank you. I can’t tell you how MUCH I appreciate an engaging summer book that’s WELL-WRITTEN! And more than being well-written, I love the realness of the characters and situations and to be selfish – the humanity it gives me. Not that my life is anywhere near as exciting as Rachel’s but her honesty – makes me feel like I’m not the ‘only one.’ And I love that’s it’s funny too.
Colleen Sullivan

I just wanted to write and tell you that I just finished reading your book and I LOVED IT!!! It was hilarious!!! I felt very comforted that I’m not the only one with a totally screwed up love life. Thanks for the free “therapy”!!!
–Jennifer LeGrow

What a GREAT joy to read!
–Myra Finkelstein

I loved your book! I started it last night and stayed up as late as I could reading it so that I could see how it ended. When I didn’t finish it last night I got up this morning, skipped the gym and was 45 minutes late to work so that I could finish it. It was a very entertaining read – thanks!

OK so I was up wayyyy too late reading Breakup babe and I LOVE IT!!! Of course, with my recent Great Unpleasantness, I can totally relate.

Love love love the book! I bought it on a whim and I have never been able to put it down since. Can’t wait to read your next one :)