Sunday, January 7, 2007

It's OK to Wear Fleece. SOMETIMES.

It is a gray, cold, day here in Seattle (so what else is new?) and I have broken all my own fashion rules by going out on the town wearing fleece.

If you have read my novel (and if you haven't, why haven't you?), you know I am against the wearing of fleece when on the town, and approve of it only for outdoor activities. For example, the photo on the right illustrates the the proper wearing of fleece.

But you know what? Fleece is soft. It is warm. It is fuzzy. And you just can't be a fashion icon every single f*cking minute of the day. So there. That is what I say to my own fashion fascist self.

Ha ha. I could not tell you what the latest fashions are to save my life. Right now I am wearing a seven-year old turtleneck from Salvation Army, jeans that may or may not be fashionable, I have no idea, but since cost a mere $80 rather than $200 (which is what I hear the truly stylish jeans are going for these days), I am thinking not, running shoes, and mismatched athletic socks.

But at least since I am back at Geeksoft these days, I no longer feel like a fashion reject the way I did at [Insert Name of Giant E-Tailer Here], where there were all sorts of cute girls in high heels, not to mention "cool" cliques, which I was not of course part of. So in some ways it's good for my ego to be back with the geeks again, in other ways, ugh.

But never mind about that. We're focusing on the *new,* the *happy,* the *positive,* like the fact that I've started a new blog. RIP BB The Blog.

Meanwhile, BB the novel is living a happy life on Kelly's bookshelf with a host of celebrated authors such as Jane Austen and Jennifer Weiner. She kindly emailed me a photo of it and I qwas going to post the photo for you but Blogger won't let me. *$#@! I'll try posting it later.

Oh! And if you want to send me a picture of you reading my book, I would love to see it and will post it here! Kind of like the super-talented Frank Portman did with his deliciously funny book about boys, adolescence, and bands, King Dork.