Thursday, May 24, 2007

Happy Birthday to Moi

Happy birthday to me and BreakupBabe!

One year and two days ago, BreakupBabe the novel came into this world all shiny and bright-colored, ready to entertain beachgoers the country over. And she has! Perhaps not as many as I’d hoped but there are plenty of satisfied BB readers out there, lending their dog-eared copies to their friends.

(And one year and three days ago, I started a brand new job at Insert Name of Giant E-Tailer Here. I was, perhaps, not so bright-eyed and bushytailed as BreakupBabe was. But I was desperate to get away from Geeksoft and I thought well, if it doesn’t work out, I can quit. And it didn’t and I did. Only to find myself back at Geeksoft once again, where money and jobs hang like big fat plums about to fall off the tree. This job gives me the money, time, and detachment I need to find Another Way. I’m taking advantage of it this time around although sometimes peeps, the work gets me down. Real down. But I never stay down for long. If I get too sad, I just write a novel. Or take some pharmaceuticals).

And Insert Very Large Number of Years Here ago, I was born. All red-faced and wrinkly, ready to terrorize loving parents and future little sisters; to write endless stories and shine at piano recitals; to get the world’s most gargantuan crushes; to suck at math; to explore the world; to fall for the wrong men repeatedly and glue my heart back together time and again; in other words, to try to suck all the life I can out of every single moment while, worrying, every single moment about a catastrophe that might befall me (heart attack, broken heart, plane crash, falling off cliff). Ca, c’est moi.

And today, in celebration of my mostly-very-fun and adventure-packed and filled-with-loving people life, I think I will go a little crazy and buy myself some new clothes.

Oh! And if you have any interest in helping me get BreakupBabe into cute little boutiques or spas near you – along the lines of Seattle’s Bouncing Wall and Peridot , please let me know! There is a reward in it 4 U!