Saturday, June 9, 2007

Blogger Overcomes Blogging Addiction

Hello long-lost darlings,
I seem to have overcome my addiction to blogging as you can see, sadly, from my lack of posts. I've no doubt I'll resurface in some other bloggy way but since I stopped blogging about my love life I have lost my OOMPH.

Coincidentally or not, once I stopped blogging about it, my love life became far less melodramatic. Which is all I will say about it for now lest I rekindle my addiction.

In other news, life has gotten a bit more to my liking lately since I am now doing less of sitting in a sterile office filled with bored officmeates and more of doing things like tracking wild river otters and riding on remote and splendidly empty bike trails to report about these experiences to a gullible public.

Alas, there is the wee problem of supporting myself, since, as is my wont, I am still dating men who are "following their passions" instead of getting their asses rich so they can support me. Of course the royalties from Breakup Babe are just flowing in but I already used them to purchase a cup of coffee the other day.

Oh well.